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Home Owners

If you own a home, our homeowners insurance will help cover what you need to protect. It covers your home and private structures (like garages and storage sheds), personal belongings, liability exposures, and more. We will be by your side whether you are a current owner, new purchases, and re-fi’s. In the incident of a claim we can be your first contact to help you understand the claims process and educate you.

Condominium Owners

Condominium owners are required to have condo insurance. The condo ownership contract or association agreement will specify what you are responsible for. This normally includes personal liability, personal property, and any additions, alterations, or improvements that become part of your unit. Our condo insurance provides protection in each of these areas.


Renters, you still need protection for your personal belongings and personal liability. If you rent, look around. You probably have a pretty substantial amount invested within those walls you do not own. A stereo, high-def TV, a business and a leisure wardrobe, all of those small appliances in the kitchen, the electronics in the study; even if your furniture was bought second hand or from WalMart it all adds up and should disaster strike, everything will have to be replaced out of pocket if you don’t have your own renters policy.